Saturday, July 11, 2009


I'm starting to realize that I am never again going to be well rested.

I've always been a night owl. My friend Lisa used to have to kick me out so she could go to bed because I would have talked all night if I could.

These days I love the peace the night brings. Kids are asleep, house is tidied and I can do WHATEVER I WANT.

What I should do is go to bed. But I don't. I just veg out and do nothing and it is awesome. I might watch mindless TV or surf the net or both! I could create or craft, but even that is too purposeful some nights.

The exchange for this is that I am tired. Although of course a baby who hasn't yet mastered sleeping through the night and children who wouldn't know sleeping in if it bit them in their tushies don't help. And then there is the whole having 4 kids thing in general.

Truthfully I think I have forgotten what it feels like to be well rested and when I look into my crystal ball I don't see anytime soon when I might become reacquainted with good rest. I envision the very first day BabyGirl goes to school and I think about maybe going to bed after I drop her off. I'm sure something will foil that plan, but it sounds wonderful.

Think I can make it 2 more years? Right now, I'm saying no way. I'm so sleepy....zzzzzzzzzzz.

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  1. Tracy, I remember that feeling. I nursed everyone right into the next one and they slept with us....there were days I thought I was doing it wrong because I was so tire, but NOW, years later, I am so grateful that I did it the way I did. Because I had those close moments that are irreplaceable and never to be regained again.

    It does pass and you will even be able to lay down mid-day if you are tired and nap....I know hard to fathom, but its true! I swear. :o)