Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Lof You Mama

I got my first spontaneous, unprompted "I love you" from Peanut the other day and it really made me think about how it's true that it's the little things that matter the most.

We were in the pool. Nothing special. It was a very typical summer day. The other kids were swimming around, she'd been jumping off the side into my arms. She loves the pool.

I put her down on the steps so she could climb out to jump again and as I turned to go back to the side to catch her she said "I lof you, Mama" and hurled herself (thankfully I was looking at her) into my arms to give me a big hug.

It was unexpected and sweet and it made my day. Actually, it made my week. It was the best feeling ever to hear that little voice and get that big hug. The most special words prompted by nothing special at all.

I will treasure it always. I will always remember the way she sounded, the way she hugged me, her wet hair sticking to her cheeks, the way the water lapped around us as everything else faded away.

I lof you too my little Peanut.

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  1. oh how precious! i can't wait until until the day I hear that from my little guys!