Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mario Kart Waa

Not Wii. Waa. As in boo-hoo-hoo, bicker, bicker, bicker, tantrum, tantrum, tantrum.

I hate Mario Kart. Can't stand it. A) I stink at it. B) all my kids do is fight about it. Who is going to be what, which race they are going to do, whether or not they are going to take turns one at a time or play together. Or worse, one wants to play and the other does not. And C) It's just loud and annoying.

But the worst thing is being told by my son that I can't play with him because I am not good enough. Nice. Little punk. Sadly, he is not wrong. I am not as good as he is. And although I tried to "Oprah" the situation and make it a teachable moment by talking about "practice makes perfect" and whatnot he remains steadfast in his belief that I be banned from Mario Kart Wii because I'm "terrible" at it. He'd rather not play at all than play with me.

Curly on the other hand has offered to teach me how to play. I think she's looking for someone to help her kick her brother's Mario Kart heiny.

I think instead, we'll just turn it off. Going outside and enjoying the unseasonably cool July weather sounds like the best option of all.

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  1. Hey Tracy, Haven't seen you in awhile. We need to plan a day to get together. What are you guys doing this coming weekend? BBQ? Swimming? Are you game?