Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Just stuff I'm thinking about:
  • Why can't my baby sleep through the night?
  • Who will Curly's teacher be next year?
  • Is it worth paying for swim lessons for a kid who doesn't like the pool?
  • If it's a laptop, why is it too hot to sit with it on my lap? Right now, it's a pillowtop
  • If I go to see The Hangover, will it actually be good, or will the hype be bigger than the movie?
  • Can I pull off a fancy tiered cake for BabyGirl's first birthday in 2 months?
  • I can't believe she'll be one in 2 months!
  • How do you become friends with other grown-ups? Is it weird to invite over a family you hardly know so you can get to know them better?
  • Why do I feel guilty not going to a family reunion with a part of the family who has basically cut us off anyway? If they can't be bothered to include us for weddings, birth announcements and Christmas cards, why should we attend a reunion with them?
  • What's next for Husband's career? I feel a change coming...
  • Something called Baked Potato Salad should be served hot, right?
  • How do people survive without using a crockpot?
  • Can we help our friend the way we'd like to? Will he let us?
  • Are Facebook friendships real, or just a product of ease and convenience? I like to think real....
  • Why do people watch The Bachelorette? Or The Bachelor for that matter.
  • Why am I up late blogging instead of sleeping?
  • What should I tell my friend who wants to know the pros and cons of being a stay home mom? It's just not the same for everyone.
  • Why do I pay so much for television per month when there is never a darn thing to watch?

And now I am going to go to bed and ponder these things and probably some more in the dark.

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