Saturday, September 12, 2009

Climate Control

Curly: Mommy why is it so gray and blah outside today?

Mommy: I don't know. It's strange weather for us for September.

Curly: Maybe someone is feeling down today. Maybe lots of people are feeling down and so the weather is down too.

Mommy: Maybe. Who could be that down? You'd have to be pretty down to make the weather yucky I think.

Curly (looking down at her navy blue dress): I'm going to go put on a brighter dress. Maybe then, people will feel better. They will see the color of my dress, feel happy and the weather will change.

Mommy: I think that's a nice idea, Curly.

How great would it be, if all the "blah" in the world could be changed by putting on cheery colors? And wouldn't it be great, even if it was just for a minute, to be innocent enough again to believe that your dress holds the key to good weather and happy friends?

I wish it were that easy. Curly really thinks it is. Her dress du jour is now yellow.

And you know, I think I do feel happier.

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