Monday, September 7, 2009

You know you are a Mommy when:

You are at home and announce you have to go potty and someone says "I'm going with you."

You call it "Going potty" and you announce that you are going, rather than just going.

Someone tries to pour water in your pocket "for later"

You can remember all the words to "Don't Lie" by Wow Wow Wubbzy, but not what the appointment reminder lady said about the pediatrician's appointment.

You know the pediatrician's phone number by heart.

The receptionist at the pediatrician's office knows exactly who you and all your kids are the moment you identify yourself on the phone.

You get up at 2am and fix a sandwich because you realize you forgot to pack lunch and you KNOW you won't feel like it in the morning.

You have more kid food than adult food in the house. Nuggets, anyone?

You know what a Funtainer is and the importance of having one.

You have the Fresh Beat Band song stuck in your head.

Your car's cassette player has a packet of Trident gum in it because your kids don't really know what a cassette tape is and couldn't fathom what that might be for except to hold gum.

Your "good" shirt is the one with only one small stain in a hard to see place.

There is more toothpaste on the counter, in the sink and on the shower curtain than in the tube.

Your wake-up call in the morning is "I'VE GOT POOP!"

The concert you really want to see is Laurie Berkner.

The last things you watched on You Tube are "How to make a no sew tutu" and "How to French Braid"

You can change a diaper while the kid is standing up.

You are alone and still consider watching Phineas and Ferb. After all, there isn't really anything else on.

You think the entire list above is actually pretty darn great.


  1. Great! I know and agree with them all except this one:
    You know what a Funtainer is and the importance of having one.

    I don't know what a funtainer is.

  2. Wait until elementary school lunches kick in. Then you will. I promise. ;)

  3. Great list, thanks for starting my day with a smile!

  4. Too funny! (Yes, I'm playing catch-up on your blog.) So many of these hit close to home. I laughed out loud several times... The 2am sandwich fixing (been there), the good shirt with only a small stain (I tell myself it's okay cuz it falls in the shadow of my boob. I'm sure nobody can see it, right?), the Phineas and Ferb one (all too often I look around and realize that the kids have left the room and I'm the only one watching whatever kid show it happens to be. But I can't turn it off because I need to see how it ends.) Great list!