Thursday, September 10, 2009

Impressive Kids, this bunch

StinkyMan can READ!

OK, don't whip out Moby Dick quite yet, but he's been pointing out random words here and there for a week or two now. This morning I decided to see what he could do and brought out Curly's spelling/reading flashcards.

Now granted, the spelling words are really review words from Kindergarten, but he just started pre-K 3 weeks ago, so I think I have the right to brag and say he whipped through her cards like no big deal at all. He got tripped up a time or two, but he could sound them out and read them for sure!

I'm so impressed with my boy. He's getting so big and is quickly graduating from little boy to, as he would say, a big boy. He's the sweetest kid, full of love for his family and friends and I think he has a few teachers semi wrapped around his little finger, too.

Someone else around here is getting big too. BabyGirl had her one year check and in the words of Mary Poppins "is practically perfect in every way." She is 20 pounds and 29 inches and is 33 percentile for her weight and 43 percentile for her height. She's in the 46 percentile for her head...I suspect it's all pure brain mass. My other kids are all brilliant, why wouldn't she be, right? Plus she's cute as a button (what does that even mean? Still, she's a doll.)

Curly is loving first grade and seems to have a small "thing" for a boy from her class. This morning she said "I wonder if 'Boy' will be at school today" and when I asked if he'd been absent she said "No. I was just wondering." Hmmmm. And yesterday she told me she thinks "Boy" is funny. I've been hearing a lot about "Boy" this week, actually. She's only 6...I'm not looking forward to 16! She's such a sweet girl, though, I can't imagine any real trouble from her.

And Peanut has shot up a bit. Though still tiny, many of her 18 to 24 month dresses are suddenly on the short side. That's OK, since she is now 30 months! She can't wear pants because they fall down her nonexistent tush, so I have to cross my fingers and hope that what she has will last until Fall. Mind you she's not any heavier, just taller. She outweighs BabyGirl by a mere 4 pounds! And she talks and talks and talks and talks and has the cutest little "smokers" raspy voice and the quirkiest sense of humor. She makes me smile all the time.

My kids are the best. You can think your kids are. I'll let you. But I know you're wrong. And you can think I'm wrong, as I'm sure you do. The most important work I could ever do is raising these little people. I'm so lucky to do it....and to see the results of my work in smart, sweet, kind, fun and cute kids.

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