Sunday, November 29, 2009


Today we went on a little adventure: We went to cut down a Christmas tree. When Curly was a baby we did it, but since StinkyMan it's always been excuse after excuse why we couldn't: we moved too far away, I was too pregnant, the baby was too small, it would be so difficult with 4 kids, etc, etc.

But this morning I decided that mass chaos be damned, we were going to give it whirl. Despite Husband's best attempts to secretly convince the kids the lot up the street is just as good (yes, Honey, I heard you) we trooped out the door before noon, lunches packed and spirits high, ready to track down our perfect tree.

OK, so the enthusiasm had died down considerably after 90 minutes in the car, but once we got to the first Christmas Tree farm the jolliness returned. Even Peanut taking a tumble in the first 10 minutes didn't dampen anyone's spirit.

The first place was a bust. After tromping around we decided to move on. The second place was better and we found the perfect tree right away. We collected some leaves, found a pine cone, "tightrope walked" on some felled logs, threw piles of leaves in the air and took lots and lots of pictures.

It was a wonderful day and I am reminded that it's silly to put things off because we think they will be too chaotic or difficult. Today was neither of those things. It was kind of an adventure and fun. Yes, Peanut cried a little. Yes, BabyGirl got a splinter. Yes the ride home was long and full of "Are we almost home?" But we made some good memories, both in our hearts and on our camera chip. Had we given in to the urge to make it simple and head to the lot (or worse, The Home Depot) we would have missed out on a great day and a great tree.

I need to try to remember this lesson next time I dismiss something out of hand as "too much" or "too hard." Today was a good day.

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  1. I love cutting the tree. I'm with you on the chaos. But honestly...what family weekend day isn't chaotic in one way or another. Might as well do it and get a hike together and memory making all in one. Holly