Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day Birthday

At first I thought I might write something mushy here for Husband for Valentine's Day. Except then I realized that our anniversary is coming up, and it's a big one, ten years, and maybe I should save the mush for then.

After thinking a bit I realized that, while I am so grateful for my husband, I do have someone else on the brain this Valentine's Day.

Today would have been my mother-in-law's birthday. She left this earth nearly 8 years ago, but has never been far from my mind.

I am one of those lucky gals who had a great mother-in-law. She was fun for me. We liked to shop together. We watched the same TV shows. When I first moved to where we lived and in with Husband (when he was still just Boyfriend. GASP!) she would often have me over for dinner, because Husband worked late hours and I was alone. She called and chatted with me on the phone. When I was a teacher, she came to my class parties and events.

She wasn't just my mother-in-law...she was my friend.

I rushed her to the hospital more than once. I spent the night so my father in law could get some relief from care giving. I hung out with her to keep her mind off her illness.

I held her hand as she lay dying.

It was my privilege to have been her daughter in law.

She never met any of my kids. Sometimes I feel sad because I know they would have adored her and she would have loved them to bits. But Curly seems to have a connection...a relationship with her Mimi that apparently transcends what most of us would define as possible. When she was 3 she set a spot for her at the table. When she was 4 she asked if Mimi would be going shopping with us. When I played dumb about who Mimi was she said "You know, Mommy! MIMI! The one who lives with us but not really?"

And just yesterday she asked if I could take her to Mimi's grave.

And so, whether you believe in heaven, or any kind of afterlife, or spirits or reincarnation or whatever, through Curly I know my mother-in-law is around.

I like that feeling. I find comfort in it. Because I do miss her.

Especially today. Happy Valentine's Day Birthday to you, my wonderful other mother. Wherever you may be.

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  1. Ahh, this one made me tear up a bit. I lucked out and got an amazing mother-in-law too. I've also always believed that my seven-year-old has a connection to my Grandma. They also never met in real life but I know she's been around her, since I was pregnant and had one of those very real dreams where my Grandma was rocking her. Amanda used to talk about her and have long phone conversations with her. She'd say, "That was Grandma Bea, she called from Hebbin." :)

    Happy Valentine's Day!