Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Pretty Pretty Princess Party

Today Peanut turned 3. The only thing she asked for was a "pretty, pretty princess party." Since she doesn't go to school and really only has one little friend, we kept it small (which is still big compared a lot of families) and celebrated a day early. Good Mommy came through with a pretty good cake too:

She kept hugging me and saying "It's so pretty!" as I was making it. It took two hours and one MAJOR hand cramp to make it, but the happiness it brought her made it so worth it.

Dear Peanut,

You are my little ray of sunshine. Even when a storm cloud brews over your head, it passes in seconds and that big beaming smile returns. That smile is so big it takes up half your face and it makes me smile too.

You are a tiny bundle of energy. It makes me laugh that you don't even weigh 10 pounds for each year that you've been alive. You are smart, hilarious, sweet and kind. We are so, so lucky to have you in our family. Thank you for being such a wonderful little girl.



  1. You made that? Really? Amazing. I looked EVERYWHERE for a gold tiara last Halloween to go with Alyssa's Sleeping Beauty costume. Who knew I'd find it on Peanut's cake? I finally had to spray paint a silver one. It was either that or pay some crazy amount to have one shipped to me. The spray painting thing came with an added bonus... I was too lazy to put down newspaper (gasp!) so when I was done I scattered the gold rocks throughout the yard and man the kids get excited whenever they find one of those gold rocks. :)

  2. Dione, I will make you a deal. Next time you are in need of a cake (or a gold tiara, LOL)I will come down there, meet you and make a cake in exchange for you taking some of your fabulous pics of my kids with your awesome camera. Deal?