Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sweet boy

Last night Curly was having a mini meltdown over not getting to sit next to me at the dinner table. Let's face it, there is only one me and 4 kids. Not everyone can be next to me at every meal. She was tired, unreasonable and sobbing. She didn't want to wait until her sister was finished (Peanut being the fastest eater) and then take her seat because her dinner would get cold. She just wanted to "eat warm dinner next to Mommy!!!"

We asked her to stop. We told her her choices. She sobbed away. I said "Curly, I'm sorry, but those are your choices."

Then, a little voice next to me said "OR I could trade her places. She can sit here."

StinkyMan to the rescue.

"Are you sure, Bub?" I asked

"Yeah," he said, nodding vigorously "She can sit here. I don't mind."

Of course we made her say thank you to her brother and praised him thoroughly for his kind behavior. Dinner was saved.

Someday, some woman is going to thank me for that boy.

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