Thursday, February 4, 2010

Love, Kisses and Bossiness

Husband and I have been married for nearly 10 years. We are always affectionate and I believe it is important that the children see that we love each other very much. Studies have been done that show that children witnessing their parents affection and love for one another will grow up to have healthy marriages themselves.

Apparently none of that matters to Peanut, who is rather unimpressed that her mommy still loves her daddy and vice versa, because today I was asked:

"Mommy why are you kissing Daddy?"

"Because I like Daddy."

"Stop kissing Daddy and fix my dinner!"

"Your dinner is in the oven." said Husband.

Unconvinced, she went to the oven to turn on the interior light and take a look.

And I went right ahead and stole another kiss from her Daddy.

It is so hard sometimes to remember that before we were Mommy and Daddy we were just us...a couple who had fun together and had lots to talk about besides kids and bills and all the boring stuff we seem to have to squeeze in between diapers and homework now. I'm so thankful that, after all this time and all these kids, my husband still wants to smooch on me as much as I want to smooch on him.

We're lucky. I hope someday my children are so lucky as well.

And that one day Peanut has a daughter as bossy as she is.

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  1. i used to groan and tell my parents, 'not the kitchen! food is prepared in this space!'