Thursday, February 4, 2010

It would seem...

...that in the last two days I have heard a number of things a mother never really wants to hear, such as:

"Mommy! My candy is stuck in my hair!"

"Mommy! I smell something stinky in my heiny!"

"Mommy! The baby is walking on the table!"

"Mommy.....Uh-oh....never mind!"

For the record it was Laffy Taffy that I had to cut out, it was poop, BabyGirl was walking up and down our very long dining room table like a Project Runway model and the uh-oh was shower gel all over the floor.

Sigh. Who knows what the next 48 hours will bring. Motherhood is always an adventure.

UPDATE: I just had to impart this piece of wisdom to a toddler: No! We do not stick spoons in our tushies. They are for our mouths! WAIT! NO! Don't stick that spoon in your mouth. I'll get you a clean one.

1 comment:

  1. Trust me on could be much worse. Those are darling stories....I know you probably feel very tired, but to me who doesn't have all of that cuteness going on anymore, those stories all made me smile and remember my own hectic days of babydom.