Tuesday, January 27, 2009

6 years ago

It was 6 years ago today that I went to my doctor, 39 weeks pregnant, expecting to hear that nothing much had changed, go home and wait. We were supposed to go to a birthday dinner for a nephew, so we went to the late appt hungry. But we were not told to go home and wait. We were told "I don't like your blood pressure. Let's have this baby today."

We went to the hospital, got all settled in, made the appropriate phone calls and waited.

It wasn't hard. I thought it would be. It probably would have been harder, but I was all for the epidural. I was so excited to meet my baby, to hold her, kiss her, see her face, count her fingers and her toes, that any misery fell by the wayside.

She was born at 5:24 in the morning. She was perfect in every way. I was awed by her. I still am.

Happy Birthday, my Curly Girlie. Mommy loves you.

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