Thursday, January 29, 2009


Do you know someone who is amazing? I don't mean someone who is perfect or all knowing or beyond reproach even. Just someone who knocks your socks off with how incredible they are? I had time to think about this tonight and I asked myself the question "Who is the most incredible person I know?"

It was easy to answer. Her name is Gretchen. She's just, well, amazing. You can read her blog and you might think "OK. She's a mom with a blog. So?" But you'd be underestimating her amazingness if you did that.

See, my friend Gretchen took in a little girl, who was in no way blood related to her and made her her own. She had 2 kids of her own, little ones at that, and never even blinked about giving this little girl a family. She loves her wholly. She hurts when her girl hurts, cries when she's heartbroken and is making a safe, loving place for that baby to grow. How many people do something that cool? Not very many. She is making the biggest difference one person can make in another person's life. The number of lives she has touched with this is already exponential, I suspect and, as is true to her amazingness, I doubt she knows it.

And then there is my childhood friend Dani, who joined the Peace Corps and went to West Africa and lived without running water or electricity for a year to be a health volunteer. A blond, California girl, left all the amenities of home to go help others. Amazing.

See, the thing is, I want to be amazing too. Not in a "Oh, you're a good mom" kind of way, but in a "Holy Crap, she's amazing!" kind of way. I want to make a difference too. I want to be selfless and giving and open and, well, amazing.

The problem is, this is not how you become amazing. These women didn't do what they did in an effort to be special. They did it because it felt right. It was in their heart to take these big steps. I have not found my opportunity yet, I don't think. That thing, the one that pulls you so hard towards it you can't say no, has not presented itself. At least I hope not. I don't think it did. Maybe it never will. But I hope it does. I'd like to make a big difference somewhere. And I don't want to do it because it will make me amazing. I want to do it, whatever it might be, because I am able and willing and loving and open. And I want the experience to be amazing.

But if someone wanted to say I was amazing too, I'd be cool with that.

So three cheers to my heroes, Gretchen and Dani. Ladies, you are amazing! I hope one day I can measure up.


  1. Thing is, I didn't take a child that isn't mine and make her my own. She's been mine since the first time I saw her, years before she came to my home.