Thursday, January 22, 2009


Curly turns 6 next week and her party is this coming Saturday. It's going to be a helluva shindig. She invited all 15 girls from her class (no boys, thankyouverymuch) and one from another class. Add in the daughters of friends of mine, whom she's also friends with, and we have a total invitee list of somewhere around 24.

In my wildest dreams I thought we'd have maybe 12 girls. The total lack of RSVP's the week after I sent the invites home kind of validated that thought.

But then the RSVP's started rolling in. We are now at a total of 18 little girls for sure, plus 2 who told Curly they were coming, but have not phoned or emailed. There are 3 we simply have not heard from and only 1 no.

And today, thanks to my imaginary friend Claud and the pull my husband has within the shipping company, the most perfect and amazing party favors arrived on my doorstep. (Did you know imaginary friends could ship things? It's true!)

And so it is all coming together. Tables have been procured. White chairs have been rented. Pink tablecloths, white doilies, china teacups and pink and white streamers have been purchased. Curly's honorary Auntie L is baking a phenomenal cake. Her Auntie M is going to paint 180 little toenails and her Auntie C is going to paint 18 darling little faces. Grammy will bring the balloons. Daddy will remove all traces of Stinkyman and general boyness from the festivities and we will be having the ultimate tea and beauty party.

It is hard to know who is more excited, me or Curly. I'm so thrilled for my baby that her party is turning into all that she was hoping for.

But next year, we'll be paring DOWN the guest list.

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