Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's rampant

The nasty cold that started with Stinkyman, that is. He's still got it, complete with crusty eyes and a cough that sounds like he was born with a pack a day smoking habit. Peanut has it as well, without the cough, but with green snot and likely an ear infection. Curly just has the runny nose and the crappy attitude of a kid who is about to get sicker. Husband is stuffy, but went to work, of course, suffering greatly, as only a man can suffer...which is to say, exaggerated.

But in a game of ultimate one-upmanship, I win. I have the cold too, but it is all stuffed up in my head, which has triggered a 3 day migraine that comes and goes as it sees fit. And of course I cannot be sick because I am Mommy amd mommies don't have the luxury of crawling back into bed and waiting for the yuckiness to pass.

Fingers crossed that BabyGirl escapes.

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