Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Smarty

So Curly came home with an in-class assignment she had done. They are working on a unit about frogs and she had to illustrate 3 words that rhyme with frog.

The first picture was obvious. A grayish looking cloud that no one could deny was "fog."

The second, a brown, long, rounded off rectangle, so clearly a "log."

But the last one stumped me. It was a square, with another square in front of it that was divided up like a checkerboard.

"Curly?" I said "Can you tell me about this picture and how it rhymes with frog?"

And she looked at me, with her face saying "How could you not know that?" and her voice saying "It's your computer."

Still dense I said "How does computer rhyme with frog?"

She laughed "Not computer! BLOG!"

That's my girl!