Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another teacher gift

My son had the most amazing teachers at the most wonderful preschool this year. They love my StinkyMan, quirks and all and truly seem to appreciate, not just him, but the individuality and creativity and personality of each and every child at the school.

I wanted to get them something nice. If I had my way, I would have sent them both to a spa for a day. Sadly, I have not yet won the lottery, unless you count that email I got about how I won the lotto in Zurich.

So I took my considerably smaller than a day spa budget and made them each a little DIY spa kit. It included:

Homemade sugar scrub (of course)
A terrycloth headband to hold back their hair when they sugar scrub their faces
a loofah
a microfiber facial glove
a bathtub pillow
an exfoliating fingertip pad
some body butter
and a candy bar

all put together in a cute tub, with a little note about how they cared for StinkyMan and now they should take extra good care of themselves.

I wanted to put in a candle, but I forgot to pick some up. I also wanted to put in a CD of relaxing spa music, but since I didn't finish putting it all together until about 1:00 in the morning, you can imagine why I did not want to go in and burn CDs at that point.

Still I think they came out pretty cute. Here's one:

They were identical except the names and were actually cuter in real life than in the picture. Both teachers seemed to appreciate it. It was small potatoes when compared to what they have done for StinkyMan. I am eternally grateful.

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