Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Nakey Nakey

All of my kids are or have been at some point nudists. Currently it is Peanut who prefers to be "nakey" as we say in our house. She delights in pointing out when anyone is half nakey, all the way nakey, getting nakey, whatever. If she sees those stupid Old Navy commercials with the talking mannequins in their swimsuits she screams "He's NAKEY!" when one of the shirtless guy mannequins graces the screen. She'll open the shower to door to tell me I'm nakey. She points out that the baby has a nakey tushie when I change her diaper.

She has also shown a good bit of interest in the toilet, so I decided to try potty training. And since I am fully against anything that generates MORE laundry, I figured we'd try naked potty training. The experts say it works. That the kids don't like the feeling of the pee running down their legs and within days will have the whole thing figured out. So far, that has not been my experience.

And lastly, her new found love is art. Specifically coloring. And she is no dope because she is WELL aware that the Crayola Color Wonder markers and paper are absolutely not the same as the markers her sister and brother are coloring with. This is a dangerous proposition because she also has no restraint, or at least she has the restraint of a two year old. She colors on the paper, then the table, maybe a chair and, of course, herself.

She's quite the canvas, what with being nakey and all. At any given moment her legs and arms are colored. Right now they are green. She also likes to do the palm of her hands and the tops of her feet. They are currently blue.

But yesterday....oh yesterday was the kicker. Yesterday I emerged from the pantry to discover that one leg and one arm were pink......but her vajay-jay area had been decorated a lovely shade of purple.

We are now doing panties only potty training.

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