Sunday, June 21, 2009

Look what I did!

"So?" you ask "You went shopping? Big deal."

Except it is.

Above you are looking at:
26 deodorants
12 body washes
4 detanglers
5 shampoos or conditioners
7 mini eyeliners
8 rolls of toilet paper
2 boxes of snack cakes
2 containers of baby puffs
2 things of baby food
1 lollipop
2 candy bars (I ate the 3rd one)
16 jars of spaghetti sauce
14 jars of peanut butter
1 container of baby powder
and a Diet Coke that I drank.

It should have cost me a total of $244.92.

But it didn't.

Including what is cost me to acquire some extra coupons, I spent $63.27 and I have $16 in store money (known as Register Rewards at Walgreens, where all this is from) left over for the next set of deals.


Very big thanks to my friend Christi for all her help. If you want to configure some deals for yourself, read her blog at There were several purchases made where the store was paying me to take stuff off the shelves and I wouldn't know where to start without Christi's blog.

But what on earth does someone need that many deodorants for? Well, they don't go bad, but beyond that, if I want to take some down to the local woman's shelter (deodorant is something they are always in search of, as well as body wash) I can write it off my taxes at retail price and everyone wins. We'll eat the spaghetti sauce and the peanut butter and the snack cakes and the baby food. I'll use the eyeliners and the baby powders and we'll be through the shampoo, conditioner and detangler and toilet paper in no time. The candy bars won't make it through tomorrow.

In the end, it saves me money to do it this way. And it's a high. A bargain shopping high. Try it. You'll like it.

Side note: On that infamous message board I frequent, there would undoubtedly be women who would rake me over the coals for clearing out the shelves and not leaving anything for anyone else. On the contrary, I went to several different Walgreens (5 to be exact) and nowhere did I take more than my fair share. The only time I cleared the shelf leaving none is when there were only 2 of the item left anyway. There was plenty of it all to go around.


  1. Great job!!! It really is such a high too.

  2. Great Job! I need to get back to doing coupons & stuff. I"ve been slacking!