Friday, June 5, 2009

Teacher gift

So I had a plan for Curly's teacher's end of the year gift. I got this really sweet little necklace with a darling apple charm. There had been a coupon code for $20 off any purchase and free shipping, so the whole thing cost me 68 cents. Well, I guess you get what you pay for, because, while it was originally $20, I got 68 cents worth of necklace. That is to say, it came broken.

Plan B time and those who know me know that I am a wait until the last minute kind of girl. I am also the kind of girl who like to give nice and meaningful gifts, but without spending a lot of money (see the 68 cent story above.)

But if you remember when I made these I said they could be used for a cute teacher's gift and I took my own advice. And so I proudly present my (I think) very cute, clever and creative teacher's gift:

It's a gift for the garden and it includes:

1 watering can-$2.49

1 garden shovel-$.99

2 pkgs Forget Me Not Seeds-$1.98 total

2 pkgs handmade soap-free

1 travel size tube sunblock-free with coupon

1 cute card made from leftover scraps-free

1 floppy hat to keep teacher cool while she gardens and to put all the stuff in-$2.50

For a grand total of $7.96 (plus tax) I have a pretty unique gift.

It is, however, the poem that pulls it all together:

I want to thank you, Mrs. Teacher

For all the things you've done.

This past year of Kindergarten

Was really so much fun.

There are so many things I learned

Far beyond my ABC's.

And now I know so much more math

Than just my 123's.

So here is a just a little gift for helping me a lot;

Things for your garden and packets of seeds

So you'll forget-me-not.

Personally I love it and Curly is very excited to give it. This idea is going in the "keep" file for future use!


  1. Great idea! I only wish I were half as a creative as you!!

  2. You know it's great. Silly woman.

  3. Makes a great package, love it!


  4. Adorable! I'm going to use this idea next year.

  5. This end of the year gift is definately from the heart. I'm positive that Mrs. Teacher appreciated it, and will definately not forget Curly!

  6. This is a fabulous gift idea!!

  7. Thank you so much for the link to this. I saved it last year & somehow it got lost. I love this idea and can't wait to make with dd for her teacher. Thanks again!!