Monday, August 24, 2009

Good Mommy Lunches

Good Mommy has been packing lunches for four school days now and has strived every day to pack something fun for Curly.

So far the biggest hit are her Funtainers, which have kept yogurt and applesauce cold and today kept mac n cheese nice and warm. She also gets chocolate milk in her tall Funtainer, which comes out much cheaper than a juice box every day.

She's also had butterfly shaped sandwiches, Hershey's kisses, granola bars, cherry tomatoes, grapes, baggies of Cocoa Puffs, raspberries, and grapes. I've packed little notes in her lunchbox too.

But my absolute favorite thing I've packed so far were these:

Hard boiled eggs in cute shapes! Sweet right? And Curly LOVES hard boiled eggs, so how great of a lunch is that? An egg or two, some fresh fruit, some crackers and a treat. Perfect!

Except Curly came home and said they aren't allowed to have eggs because someone in her grade (not her class) is allergic and if she brings them again she has to sit alone at the end of the table to eat her lunch.

Now I have an egg allergy kid, and I've never been told that egg allergies are that dangerous. And I don't think, at six years old, this other child is going to lean over and lick my kid's lunch. But I don't want Curly to sit alone and I certainly don't want to cause anyone any health issues. So I won't pack them anymore. And it makes me sad. I thought they were really fun and a great thing to pack. I bought $20 worth of molds too.

Guess I'll have to find another way to keep being Good at the fun lunch game.

Anyone wanna buy some egg molds?


  1. How very sad for Curly! You are doing a great job at fun lunches though. :) I wonder if my son would eat molded eggs??

  2. Good Lord, I am ashamed. Poor Laurel is lucky to have a PB&J thrown together and tossed into a bag. If she is really lucky and its a particularly good day and the stars have lined up just right, I remember to cut the crust off. You are by far the mother superior for your efforts. :o)