Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mommy/Curly Time

Today was the last day of Curly's summer break. She had 2 play dates today, including spending time at the pool, and then I picked her up for some Mommy/Curly time.

It is our tradition (can you call it that if it's only the second year?) to go get pedicures together before school begins. We stood together and agonized over which colors to choose. I vetoed her choices of green and neon orange before she settled on a bright pink perfect for a 6 year old girl. I got a color called California Raspberry.

Side by side we sat, getting pampered. We talked about school and friends and what she wants to be when she grows up (a toenail lady of course!) and what I did before I was a Mommy. She told me all about what she wants to wear to school next week since this week has already been planned and how she'd like me to do her hair and she wondered aloud about what music class might be like and would they get to sing on stage.

It was good to spend some time with my biggest girl. Sometimes I think she gets swept under the rug a little bit because she is the oldest and her needs are not always as immediate as a crying baby or a smelly toddler.

But today she had my undivided attention. It was nice for both of us. And our toes look beautiful.

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