Monday, August 3, 2009

I have been initiated...

...into the Bad Mommy Club.

It was never my intention, but I forget that not everyone feels the same as me. Here's how it went down at the baby shower I was attending:

Neighbor Lady: Hey! How are you?

Me: I'm doing well. How are you?

Neighbor Lady: Great. We're really in the swing of summer. We're squeezing in the last few things before school starts.

Me: I'm so ready for school to start.

Neighbor Lady (as she picks her eyeballs up off the floor after they bugged right out of her head): Oh really? I love summer!

Me: Uh, yeah. Sure. Me too.

Neighbor Lady: OK, well, I'm going to go talk to the mama to be (as she sprints away, lest I be contagious)

And I stood alone contemplating that she might well be telling all the other "good" mommies that I am a summer hater and thereby putting me in the Bad Mommy Club.

It's not true. I don't hate summer. But I am

It's not just me. The kids are ready too. Sure we go swimming and have play dates and have long lazy days and that's nice...for a while. But it's been weeks and they are bored silly.

We live a pretty structured life during the school year. Get up, have breakfast, get dressed, go to school, come home, have lunch, do homework, relax, play, have dinner, watch TV, put on Pj's, night time routine and in bed, lights out by 7:30 at the latest.

But summer is more relaxed and laid back and quite frankly, we are so over it.

In just 14 days StinkyMan will start back, Curly goes back in 17 days.

And my name is Tracy, and I am a Bad Mommy. And I am OK with that.

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