Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Compare and Contrast

My two oldest kids are big into creating "clubs" right now. They can often be found in Curly's room, hammering out rules for one new club or another.

But the thing that made me laugh was that they each have a sign on their door for their own clubs that I think show an accurate reflection of where they are in life at the moment.

This is Curly's:

It says "The Happy Club. My Family and BFFs. Fun, Free!"

But StinkyMan's is not quite so all inclusive:

It says, in not so easy to read writing "NO GIRLS CLUB."

Welcome to your life, Buddy. With Daddy as the only other household member of that club, I think you guys are really outnumbered.


  1. How cute! My girls do this all the time too. I'd post a pic of one of their signs on my blog... you know, if I ever posted on my blog. ;-)

  2. Is it bad that I could totally read his sign? That's how my DS writes a lot of the time... just as long as all the letters are on the page, it's good! lol They are less "words" and more "logos"!