Thursday, May 6, 2010

Freecycle SCORE!

So a lady on my Freecycle Yahoo group offered up a cute desk/hutch combo. I wanted it for Curly's room, but missed out. Then the person who did get it flaked, so she offered it again. And again I missed it, but she told me she would keep my email as a backup. I thought "No way am I getting that thing."

But I did! Curly hasn't seen it yet and when she does she is going to flip her lid! She's been wanting a desk and I've been wanting some better storage. This will work for both of us!

This is the picture the now previous owner sent me so make sure I wanted it:

Cute, right? Perfect for a 7 year old girl! It's real wood, no particle board and with a quick paint stripping and repainting it will be good as new. And of course, minus the gas to go get it one town over, it was FREE!

See? Freecycle is soooo worth it! You should look into how to join your local group. You never know what treasures you may get...or what you might be able to give to someone who will use what you don't want anymore.


  1. Great find!!! It's so cute. I'll keep an eye on my freecycle. I hope I can find something just as useful and cute!

  2. Cute! Nice find. I bet she loves it.