Wednesday, May 19, 2010


BabyGirl is a streaker.

The child will not leave her diaper tabs alone. The minute I stick them shut, her hand flies down to open them.

There is no more wandering around in a diaper. As soon as I turn around she is one nakey girl.

And she loves being nakey.

She strips that diaper off with great glee. She untabs one side, wiggles out and then kicks it off her from around her ankle with a happy little dance of freedom.

But today she was foiled in her plot to be naked and she did not appreciate it.

Her pants were a little damp at diaper changing time. I didn't want to put a new pair on her so late in the day, but I didn't want her to get her dinner all over her pajamas either. And obviously there was no way I coould leave just a diaper on her.

Unless I put it on backwards.

So I did.

And she didn't like it. At all.

She walked funny and fussed a bit. She shook her legs grumpily and searched for those tabs but she could not get that diaper off.

After a while she forgot about the weird backwards diaper and played happily in her not quite naked state for an hour or so until it was time for a right way diaper and jammies.

Score one for Mommy.

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  1. But why shouldn't she follow the same patterns of
    all three older siblings?