Saturday, May 22, 2010

Gettin' Pretty

A little over 2 months ago I made a deal with myself. I decided that it was time to spruce myself up. You see, I'm totally guilty of being in stay home mom rut. Jeans, T-shirt and a ponytail, make-up free nearly every single day.

And while I constantly struggle to get a little thinner or dress a little cuter, it occurred to me one day that I could do my hair and put on some make-up every day, with little effort and feel a whole lot better about how I present myself to the world.

My biggest cheerleader in this new endeavor is Peanut. She hears the hair dryer and comes running into my bathroom "MOMMY!" she shouts, trying to be louder than the hair dryer "IS IT TIME TO GET PRETTY?"

And I nod, so she perches herself on the edge of the tub and waits for me to finish drying my hair. When I am ready she joins me at the vanity and we start getting pretty

First up is powdering our faces, so I do hers first with a powder free brush (but she doesn't know that) and then I do mine (with powder of course.) Then we examine ourselves in the mirror.

"What's next?" she asks.

"This" I answer as I grab the eyeshadow. I put on mine and then move to do hers.

"Is this eyes open or eyes closed?" She asks without fail.

"Closed." I say, as she shuts her eyes and I brush on the very lightest light color and then "blend" it away with my finger.

"And now?"

"And now this!" I show her the mascara.

"Is this eyes open or eyes closed?"

"Closed." and I touch her lashes ever so lightly with the wand.

We evaluate ourselves and decide that some blush is in order.

"Smile!" I say as I brush the super light baby pink color on the apples of her cheeks. Then I do the same on mine in a slightly darker shade.

"What's next?"

"We're all done! What do you think?" I ask, as we peer into the mirror.

"I think we're pretty!" she says as she claps her hands and smiles. I lift her down and her beautified self runs off to play while I do my hair.

Yes, about 2 months ago I decided to fix myself up. And what I got to go along with it was quality time with my Peanut. I knew spending time on myself would make me look nicer...I never imagined it would make me feel so happy.

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  1. That is so sweet. I always imagined my girls watching me get ready and putting on my makeup... I never imagined it would start so early!