Friday, May 14, 2010


This is Lizardy:

Lizardy is StinkyMan's beloved companion. He's not a lovey in the sense that he goes everywhere StinkyMan goes or even that he can't sleep without him. He can. He just prefers not to.

Lizardy often tells me what StinkyMan is feeling. It is Lizardy who feels sad when StinkyMan loses a board game. It is Lizardy who is smart and knows the answers to things that Mommy doesn't know. If StinkyMan is absolutely sure about something, it's because Lizardy told him so.

StinkyMan is protective of Lizardy. You see Lizardy is a baby, and he needs StinkyMan to take care of him. Lizardy is accepting and understanding of StinkyMan, even when everyone else seems to misunderstand him. In turn StinkyMan loves Lizardy with a fierceness that is undeniable.

But yesterday, a crisis occurred:

Lizardy lost an eye.

We think we know when and where, but truthfully it could have happened anywhere in the house at any time. Husband and I spent the better part of 2 hours combing the carpets and floors downstairs hoping against hope we'd find a chameleon eye.

No luck.

StinkyMan is sad. So sad. He handed Lizardy to me last night and said "I don't want him without his eye. When you find it and put it on you can bring him back to me." and he went to bed with a heavy heart. I, on the other hand, went back to combing the carpet. It killed me that he had every faith in me that I could fix his beloved Lizardy.

It killed me more that I couldn't.

At least, not yet. There are Lizardy doppelgangers on ebay. I will be purchasing at least one, if not two just in case. I showed StinkyMan the picture on ebay and he looked concerned. I could almost hear him thinking "But, I want MY Lizardy" so I assured him that I was simply going to get that other lizard and use it's eye on his Lizardy.

He was so happy he did a little dance and let out a little laugh.

And this mama's heart felt better.

And that, right there, is what being a mom is all about. Going to the ends of the earth (or ebay) to fix your kid's broken heart.

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