Friday, January 29, 2010


Stinkyman: Mommy, how come boys have peanuts and girls don't?

Mommy: Well, boys and girls are just different. Girls pee-pee out of a different place. Girls are just built differently than boys. Boys are built differently than girls. That's all.

StinkyMan: Oh.

5 minutes later......

StinkyMan: Mommy? Are people made out of wood?

Mommy: Out of wood? No. We're made of skin and bones and blood and a heart and a brain and a bunch of other stuff.

StinkyMan: But we are not made out of any wood?

Mommy: No, we're not.

StinkyMan: But you said boys and girls are not built the same. How are we built if we are not made out of wood?

Mommy: Ooooh. That was just a way of saying we are not the same, that boys and girls are different.

StinkyMan: Then you should just say that. Don't confuse me.

Mommy: My mistake. I'm sorry.

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