Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Good Mommy Invitations

Soooo, around here January is the kick off to Birthday Season. Curly is up this month, Peanut in February and StinkyMan in March. Thankfully BabyGirl was kind enough to be born in late summer.

So, because we throw one party after the other after the other, I like to be mindful of my budget while still throwing kick-butt parties. Ever thrifty, I like to find ways to be creative and fun without spending a lot of moolah.

So with creativity and thriftiness as the top two criteria I am especially pleased with the way Curly's invitations turned out this year:

Cute, right? And they didn't cost me a dime!

Here is what I did:

I collected toilet paper rolls and all my extra, random bits of scrapbook paper. Once I figured out what size paper would fit the longest tube (nope, they aren't all the same!) I cut down all the paper to that size.

I used spray adhesive to wrap the paper around the rolls and get it to really stick.

Cut down to the roll on each side, making lots of little tabs.

Fold them over, thereby covering the cardboardy looking ends of your tube.

Then smash it flat!

Punch a couple of holes. I had to use a 3 hole punch with a lever. My hands were not strong enough to use a single hole hand punch. Ouch!

And you just pull ribbon through the holes to help keep the inside card from falling out and then embellish and decorate as you like:

The inside is just a piece of cut down card stock with the party info on it (that side is not facing you) What you see is where I have attached the ribbon so the receiver can pull the information out.

Cute, cheap and creative, no? Curly loves them and so do I. Let's hope the rest of the party measure up as well.


  1. OMG! Those came out SOOOO cute! I love them!! Nice job

  2. Waaaay better than a store bought invite! So, so cute! Miss E