Sunday, January 17, 2010


You know how sometimes you watch a clothing designer's runway show and you think "Really? Who would wear that?" Yet they are heralded as "creative" or "cutting edge."

I certainly have. I like to think that is the future for my Peanut.

You see, she is a little fashionista. She wears what she wants and has no desire to wear what I or anyone else thinks she should wear. She has no regard for seasons, patterns, colors, textures or size. What she wears are combinations no one else would think to put together and she is always quite pleased with herself. Flowers go with stripes, polka dots are great with plaid, velvet is for all occasions and her baby sister's pants become capris.

This fashion forward thinking doesn't just pertain to daywear. Oh no. She's quite smitten with dressing herself in eveningwear as well. And around here eveningwear means pajamas.

Every single night, we zip her into her pajamas and she says happily, "I'm cozy!" and shakes her foot to show just how cozy she is. Then we read a book, sing two songs and tuck her in.

Without fail, within 5 minutes we can hear her. She climbs out of her crib, turns on both her light AND her fan and proceeds to choose her own bedtime attire. She generally chooses shorts and a tank top, then climbs back into bed and ends up crying because she is too cold, with her summer wear and fan on in January, to sleep.

If we go upstairs and catch her changing her clothes, she stares at us like a deer caught in headlights. Several times we have put her back in her jammies, tucked her back in, only to go upstairs later to find that the only lesson she has learned is to be more stealthy, because the light and fan are back on and she is in her outfit of choice.

It all makes me laugh and shake my head in wonder...until I have to take her out in public somewhere. At least it's winter and I can throw a jacket over her couture outfit. That way people might not think her mama doesn't love her enough to by some fitting, matching, seasonally appropriate clothing.

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  1. The Divine Miss M is the SAME way. Remember the scarf sari? LOL. She wears the craziest stuff, but in her own 6 year old little girl way, pulls it off perfectly. I can't wait for the teen years!! Oh, and so you can prepare for the future, plan on lots of extra laundry from her. M's costume changes usually end up in the dirty clothes never having been actually worn for much longer than a few minutes ... Ugh.