Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Curly's teeth are yellow.

There really isn't any getting around it. Her teeth are yellow.

She is painfully aware of this fact. Has been for a while. It didn't help when two weeks ago a little boy at school told her her teeth were brown.

We aren't sure why her teeth are yellow. Mine aren't the whitest ever, but hers are worse than mine and I'm a (recovering) big time soda drinker and current mug-a-day tea sipper. So if it's hereditary we don't know from where. We suspect high doses of antibiotics when she was a toddler may have contributed to her adult teeth being much less than pearly white, but the truth is we'll never really know. Whenever we go to the dentist she gets an A+ for dental care, so it isn't anything we are or aren't doing.

She is due for a cleaning and we will be going on Monday. She is so excited to go so we can ask the dentist about whitening her teeth that it hurts my heart a little. She'll be 7 in two days....so young to be so worried about her looks.

Some may argue that I should teach her to be happy with who she is, yellow teeth and all. What lesson is there in changing her looks?

To that I say: Horse pucky. You look your sweet baby in the eye and refuse to fix something that is hurting her heart. Tell her to get over it and ignore comments from others. Tell her you won't do everything in your power to make it better. That instead she can suffer and learn to deal with it.

I don't think you could do it. We aren't talking about designer clothes or the "right" shoes or the "in" hair cut. We are talking about her smile. The one I risk potentially losing if I don't fix this for her.

I'm her mama. I won't be able to protect her fragile heart all the time. Some day she will learn about mean girls and false friends and what it feels like to love a boy who doesn't love her back. She will learn the hard way that life isn't always fair, that people young and old can be cruel and that sometimes, even when you do the right thing, things don't always go right for you.

But she'll face it all head on with one hell of a white smile, even if it is through tears. Because that's one thing I can do for her. And I will.

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