Thursday, January 14, 2010

I can almost see the light

The one at the end of the tunnel that is.

Today I took StinkyMan and Peanut into the the pediatrician to get their throats swabbed. When I took BabyGirl in yesterday he suggested I return today with the other 2, since he had diagnosed both Curly and myself earlier in the week as well.

No shocker, both kids are also positive for strep. That makes 5 out of 6 in our household.

Husband is the last man standing; the only remaining member of this house NOT on antibiotics. Really, the little bottles are having a meeting in my refrigerator, just hanging out until the morning when I will interrupt them to distribute their contents to my children, just before I pop my own capsule of amoxicillin.

So there is that light. I am so close. 24 hours after first does is typically when people start to perk up....I've got about 13.5 hours to go.

Just in time for us all to head into the weekend, when I'm sure Husband will go down for the count. How could he not? All the rest of us have. It's simply his turn. Clearly we are a family that shares.

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