Tuesday, January 5, 2010


If you are anything like me, you have been laughing for the past year or so at the idiocy of the product known as the Snuggie.

The commercial is ridiculous. So cold is the woman that she needs a blanket, yet she lacks the skill to keep it on her body. She wants to change the channel on the remote, but it's just too hard with that darn blanket.

The answer? A Snuggie, of course, a glorified backwards robe.

Curly has been asking for one for a while. We have discussed at length how products on TV are usually not as great as they seem in their commercials. We have managed to avoid The Touch N Brush, Bumpits and a myriad of other heavily promoted products. But she was not to be deterred from the Snuggie.

So for Christmas we got her one. It was met with a shriek of joy. She loved it and wore it a good bit of the day. It made her top 5 gifts of the day, along with her Nintendo DS, her boots, her new lunchbox and the gumballs from her stocking. And it was pink. Nothing could be better.

That night, well after the kids were in bed, and Curly had been convinced that she really couldn't sleep in her Snuggie, I felt a little chill. And handily enough Curly's Snuggie was right there.

I am not laughing at the commercial now.

I am a Snuggie convert.

And I asked for and received one for my birthday.

Guess what? I can blog with it on, covered all the way up to my neck. Try that with a blanket.

Who is laughing now?

The Snuggie people. I can hear them giggling all the way to the bank.


  1. LOL! My pastor actually told my husband at church the other day that if he ever wanted to be Husband of the Year, he should buy me a Snuggie. He's a total convert too!

  2. Ah man. I've been avoiding the Snuggies. My daughter wants one too but I have successfully walked past them at the store at least a dozen times without allowing one to jump into my cart. You just shot my self-control to pieces. Now I'll have to buy two. Thanks a lot. And what's a Touch N Brush? I have no idea but I think I may as well just go ahead and order one now.