Saturday, January 9, 2010

Let it snow

Chalk this up to the kind of thing that only happens when you have kids.

Because I am cheap, er, uh, thrifty, I don't often invest in diaper ointments from the baby aisle. I usually just use corn starch and it clears right up. I just starch up the diaper, put it on the baby and we're good to go. (Note that there are yeast diaper rashes as well which corn starch is NOT a solution for. I am well aware of how those look and know when not to use the corn starch. For yeast rashes you use foot anti fungal ointment. Another tip for you!)

Anyhow, BabyGirl has a regular ol' diaper rash so I starched her heinie up real well yesterday, put on her diaper and let her go while I went to do something real quick (I don't remember what it was, I have 4 kids.... I do everything real quick.)

Then I heard it.


Then another.


The unmistakable sound of diaper tabs being undone.

By a baby with a diaper full of corn starch.

I went around the corner and found BabyGirl standing there naked, diaper on the floor, tush covered in powder and a "Whatcha gonna do about it" grin on her face.

And off she ran.

Over my brown tile.

With her cute dimpled baby butt shaking with every step, shedding the corn starch as she went.

Let's just say that yesterday evening, it snowed in my house, all over my kitchen floor.

Corn starch snow.

Brings a whole new vision to "Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow" doesn't it?


  1. Cornstarch and Vaseline mixed into a paste... my mom used it when we were babies and when my neices were babies... never did she buy diaper rash stuff... does the same as the plain cornstarch but no snowy mess hehe =) Thanks for the laugh