Monday, November 16, 2009

The Adventures of Baby Dora

I would like to introduce you to the love of Peanut's life:

This is Baby Dora. Baby Dora was just another dolly du jour. Before Baby Dora we had Baby Nakey, Baby Hat, Baby Bonky and Baby Doll. Baby Dora was just one in a rotation of babies. But something about Baby Dora had some staying power, because she's been Peanut's favored doll for about a month now and that doesn't look to change anytime soon.

I can't stand that doll. For one thing, it is ugly. I mean really. Take a look. U-G-L-Y, ugly. And secondly she (and yes I know that it's really a he, but roll with me here) is small. As in, easy to lose, small.

Baby Dora goes to bed with Peanut at night and she gets a goodnight kiss from Mommy too. Baby Dora gets up with Peanut in the mornings. Baby Dora sits at the breakfast table. Baby Dora watches TV. Baby Dora goes to school drop offs and pick ups. Baby Dora get strapped in a seat belt. Baby Dora even goes to the grocery store, but she has to stay in the car. We don't want to lose her in the grocery aisles somewhere.

Sometimes, when we can't find Baby Dora, which is fairly often, we imagine it is because she is off on an adventure. It is true that Baby Dora's life is full of exotic locales. Just this past week she spent a night in the dark pantry and another night in a drawer of pot holders. She has spent time in the wilds of the playroom and once she was even held hostage by BabyGirl! And just this morning she had a cornflake spa treatment in Peanut's cereal bowl.

Hopefully Baby Dora is just a passing phase. But Peanut loves her and so I must learn to love her too.

Welcome to the family, Baby Dora. I hope your stay is a pleasant one.


  1. As much as you'd hate to do it, I'm sure, I'd buy a few backup baby Doras if I were you. seriously. It prevents tears if you do ever lose it at the grocery store.

  2. I have taken your advice and purchased another Baby Dora from ebay. Soon I will have 2 of these lovely dolls in my home. Joy.