Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Attention Target Shoppers

I have mentioned before my undying love of Target. I have also told you how Peanut screamed "I LOVE TARGET" on recent trip to my favorite retailer.

Well apparently it is time for me to expand my children's shopping universe because now StinkyMan's favorite past time is playing Target.

He pulls out 15 to 20 items from the pantry and sets them all out on the kitchen table. He gets out our plastic bag storage bin, and a seasonal decorative bucket is a shopping basket. I have to buy one item at a time. He scans it, bags it and sends me on my way. I say thank you and tell him to have a nice day as I walk away with my bag. I am always to return immediately to purchase the next item. He does not take coupons, charges me $99 for Parmesan cheese and tells me I am not allowed to kiss the Target Man. (It is true that he is the cutest Target employee I have ever seen.) When Grammy came today she too had to play Target.

And every night, for the last three nights, when I tuck Peanut in bed she says "Mommy, guess what."


"I'm going to Target tomorrow. I'm gonna wear my fancy shoes and go in Peanut's seat and go to Target."

"OK. Tomorrow you are going to Target."


Yesterday I took her to Kmart where I was scolded "This not Target!"

I wonder what will happen if I take them to Walmart. It will either be a world of wonder or an utter mutiny.

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