Monday, November 2, 2009

Sassy Princess

Peanut is, for all intents and purposes, potty trained. She goes on the potty all day long and is successful when she wears both underwear or diapers.

However, the other day, when I wiped the clearance aisle out of diapers at CVS, she discovered the biggest scam in all of potty training history:

The Pull-Ups.

More specifically Princess Pull-Ups. She saw them and they were a must have. Since they were on clearance and I had a coupon that would make them less than $2 for the pack I caved and let her have them.

She only wants to wear Princess Pull-Ups now. She has no interest in underwear or diapers. She doesn't even want to be nakey, a former favorite past time. Nope, life is all about princess Pull-Ups.

The funny thing is, she really doesn't know who they are save what she knows from Curly. She doesn't know their stories, she's never seen their movies, she only knows they are princesses and that is enough for her.

There is one Pull Up that features all the princesses on the front with a castle on the tush. Then there is another with only Cinderella on the front and a castle on the tush. She very solemnly brought me the Cinderella Pull-Up today and said "They leaved her all alone."

"She's all alone? Who left her all alone?"

"The other princesses went away and leaved her all alone at the castle."

"She's all alone at the castle?"

"Yes" she shakes her head with all the seriousness of a shamed mother "She was too sassy."

"She was sassy?"

"Too sassy so they leaved her alone at the castle. She is sad."

"That is sad. Why is she so sassy?"

"She's just sassy. I put her in the pantry" and off she ran, bringing back the Pull-Up will all the princesses, leaving Cinderella on the shelf.

Poor Cinderella, locked in the pantry, away from the party once again. And this time by a 2 year old who knows serious sass when she sees it.

Tomorrow we will go to Target and she will get to pick out some big girl panties. Let's hope they have less attitude than the Pull-Ups.

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  1. Ahhh...they leaved her alone. How do they think of stuff like that! Love their little brains. Amazing! Come on by sometime...Holly at