Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Today was a day and a half...

...or more. It seemed to go on endlessly.

First, BabyGirl isn't feeling well. Her nose is a crazy, runny mess and she slept great last night but did not really nap at all today. I think either her head or ears (or both) are bothering her when she lays down. Her longest nap today was 25 minutes....not good. So there was a lot of eye rubbing and crying and screeching, but very, very little napping, no matter how hard I tried.

We had to squeeze in some last minute cookie making for StinkyMan's teacher and of course he and Peanut needed to "help" while BabyGirl screamed in the next room.

Then I got all whirly and riled-up over finances. I do that. I freak out, decide we aren't doing any of it right and then start to dissect what we are doing and how to make it better while I have a crying baby hanging on my legs. Then I have to be on the phone with BFF for 30 minutes while she talks me down from my tornado like spinning. Really, I need to not do that. We are so fortunate and doing fine...I just want to be more fine. But you know, I'm a stay home mom of 4 kids in California, a high cost of living area....just to be able to be home is beyond lucky. The economy stinks, but things will get better, and so will we.

And Peanut fell and smacked her face on the tile floor. It was one of those moments where you hear the sound of the thunk and just know it's teeth. Indeed, she bit through her lip and knocked loose a top front tooth. At least I think it's just the one. I didn't wiggle the second one after she howled when I touched the first one. That kid is determined to maim her face. She's already been glued once, then split the exact same spot open again a month later. Now this. Oy.

All the while Curly has a playdate here and they are shrieking "OH, EW! SHE'S BLEEDING!" or wanting a snack and there is lots to do housework wise. But the two little girls just want to sit with their mommy; so we sat. And in the middle of everything else, we lost the tv remote. It's 6 hours later and I still can't find the thing. We watched a lot of Phineas and Ferb least it was stuck on a kid appropriate channel. Baby Dora is MIA too. She took the remote and ran, I suspect.

The redeeming moment of the day was when StinkyMan gave me his preschool rendition of how Thanksgiving came to be:

"Girl Pilgrims wear bonnets and Boy Pilgrims wear hats. They came on a ship called The Mayflower. They met a man named Squanto and he helped them with their food and they all had a big feast together. That's why we have Thanksgiving"

"Oh, StinkyMan, that's right!" I say, ever the proud mama.

"And then, on Thanksgiving a Pilgrim comes to your house. Or Squanto. But just one."


"Yeah, they come to your house on Thanksgiving."

"Oh. I didn't know that." I'm doubtful and he knows it.

"But just one." He reassures me. "Not all of them."

"Oh, okay then. Just one. Goodnight, StinkyMan. I love you."

"I love you too, Mommy."

Honestly, I think he thinks it's like Santa or The Easter Bunny. And why wouldn't he? He gets stuff from The Great Pumpkin and then is tossed right into Christmas by the retailers. Why wouldn't he think The Great Squanto is going to come leave him a gift? Or that the Thanksgiving Pilgrim might come fill his cornucopia with treats. Who wouldn't hope for that?

So, hey, Mighty Mayflower or Super Squanto or whoever you are, if you're out there, could I get some Calgon, please? Because today was a day and a half.

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