Friday, November 13, 2009


Every night I sing Peanut two songs at bedtime. One is the theme song to Wow Wow Wubbzy. (Don't ask.) The other she calls "The Peanut Song." It's really just "A Bicycle Built for Two" but instead of singing "Daisy, Daisy" in the beginning we sing "Peanut, Peanut."

So last night, after I put her in bed, StinkyMan asked me to sing him the StinkyMan song. I made one up real quick on the spot and then he asked me if BabyGirl has a song.

"No" I said "I haven't thought of one yet." It's true. I haven't.

"I know a song about her" he offered.

"You do?"

And he started to sing:

"Baby Girl, Baby Girl, you don't poopy in the toilet. Baby Girl, Baby Girl, you poopy in your diaper, but that's okay because you are a baby.''

"Baby Girl, Baby Girl, you shouldn't climb on the ottoman because you might fall off. Baby Girl, Baby Girl, sometimes you fall just when you walk."

"Baby Girl, Baby Girl, you are a super cute baby and I love you. Baby Girl, Baby Girl, you'll look cute upon the seat of a bicycle built for two."

I think it is the sweetest song I have ever heard.

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