Sunday, November 1, 2009


My biggest challenge is organization. I am not organized. Never have been. I have no less than 4 junk drawers. FOUR! I often don't know where to put things and while in theory everything has a place, it's never in it's place when I need it. Believe me, if you ask me where something is and I know the right answer, it's pure luck that I know where to find it.

My poor Husband never used to live like this. When we met, his clothes hung in his closet by color, sub categorized by long and short sleeve and fabric. (He can be kind of obsessive) When we first lived together I was short a clothes hanger so I took one out of his closet. The next day he said "Did you take my hanger?" Apparently he had the exact same number of hangers as shirts so when he suddenly had a shirt and no hanger he knew just who to ask.

He's had to let go of that when he married me. He had to let go a little more after Curly and more still after StinkyMan. We had barely figured out how to wade through the craziness of 3 kids when we were expecting number 4. And, although it's been 14 months since BabyGirl's chaotic arrival we have not managed to retrieve even a glimmer of my sweet spouse's organizational roots.

My online friends and I are attempting to identify our weaknesses and support each other in our attempts to change. E and C are working on their budgets and tracking their spending, S is working on her general attentiveness to her house and I am working on organization by choosing one extra thing to do every day that relates to the organization of my home and our lives.

It's a month long challenge. Husband always tells me it takes 21 days to create a habit. So my hope is that in 21 days I will have created a habit of earmarking time at the end of the day to organize something and that by the end of the month I will have it so ingrained in me to be organized that it'll be a part of life. (WHAT? That could totally happen!) Tonight it was my coupon binder. Tomorrow I will clean out a drawer or 2. Tuesday perhaps it will be my car. The idea is that by organizing and purging and discovering long lost items and allocating a proper space for them my life, our lives, will become more organized and orderly and hopefully, ultimately, easier.

So play along if you want. What do you need to work on? What could you improve upon? What are you going to do to get better results than what you are getting right now? The more organized my household, the more organized my life feels and that is an idea I find really appealing.

And maybe, while I'm at it I could find that hanger Husband has been looking for. ;)

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