Monday, April 13, 2009


That's me, hesitating before I even write this post.

You know what....

Hey Dad? I know you read this...could you just stop now? Because I know I've given you 4 grand kids, and I'm sure you know how they got here, but I'd rather go right on pretending that you and I both think the stork brought them, OK?

Is he gone? Good. I'm still mildly uncomfortable writing this, but it's better if I can say my own dad won't be reading it!

So, last night Husband and I were doing the thing that married people do when they still like each other and the kids are asleep. We are always good about closing the door....apparently we need to extend closing the door to locking the door.

We heard the door open. There is only 1 kid that could be. There is a small entry way into the room which left us a split second to regroup (or maybe that should be ungroup.) Anyway, not at all sure how much Curly saw or what she thought I quickly went into Mommy Mode.

All she wanted was some Motrin and a hug....I obliged. While I tucked her back in I said " you have any questions about anything?"

She shook her head sleepily and said "Uh-uh"

I felt like I should forge ahead. I don't know why. "OK, because I don't know if there was anything you saw in my room that you wondered about."

"I just saw Daddy being silly and bouncing on the bed"

"Ah" I said "Yes. That's a silly game we play sometimes. Grown-ups play games too, just like kids."

She gave me a small smile and snuggled up with her bear and was quickly snoring again.

Holy moly. I know she wasn't in there for more than a millisecond and I'm fairly sure the bouncing she saw was Husband LEAPING for his side of the bed while making a mad grab for covers, pillows, anything to make it seem like we were doing anything other than what we were doing. But that bullet has been dodged with a lesson learned for sure.

So learn it from me without learning it yourself. If you have a lock, use it. If you don't have one, get one. Because that could have gone so much worse!


  1. LOL
    I just told DH that we need to start LOCKING the door instead of just closing it. We don't have an entry to our room, so it would not be good if the door got opened mid adult time.
    Glad it wasn't worse!

  2. LOL! Thanks for posting this! Within this past week we also learned a lesson-we must latch the door ALL THE WAY. Our 2 year old surprised us. We heard nothing until he was right next to the bed saying, "Hi Mommy!". Talk about a shock and a mood breaker. Thank goodess he's only two, and shouldn't remember anything. Hopefully we haven't scarred him for life.