Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I made it

Not one joke was played, not one trick was pulled. Yesterday Curly was plotting her April Fool's debauchery. I know because she was asking me about spiders and snakes, two things I don't like very much. Plus there was whispering and StinkyMan is at that fabulous age when a whisper is more like a quiet shout. I heard the plans and so I waited.

But it never came to pass. Neither one of them did a thing. I waited and it never happened.

Nothing they could have done would have been malicious, or probably even all that tricky. So instead I waited and watched so I could be appropriately shocked at their trickery.

Maybe the biggest trick of all was that. Let's keep Mommy on her toes all day and then do nothing. That's the best trick ever!

They're not sophisticated enough for that, right? RIGHT? But apparently I am stupid enough to fall for it, intentional or not.

StinkyMan did say something cute today, though. It's the first day of April and so he told his Grammy that "Today is April's birthday."

Cute, right? I KNOW!

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