Monday, April 27, 2009

Good Mommy Dinner

You will notice that I capitalize Good Mommy. That's because she is a different mommy than me. Good Mommy is fun. She is not the one who makes the kids pick up their toys, or brush their teeth or the one who says "No" to dessert. Good Mommy is more likely to bake a cake for no reason. Good Mommy plays 17 rounds of Disney DVD Bingo without complaining. Good Mommy chases kids around the house for fun instead of corralling them for bed. I am Practical, Everyday, I Have 4 Kids and I Have Lots of Things To Do Mommy. Good Mommy is far more relaxed.

Good Mommy visited at dinner time last night. She shooed the kids out of the kitchen and made a fun dinner. It was a big hit with the kids and so easy. Thanks to my friend and fellow blogger Claudine ( for the idea.

Start by cutting hot dogs into pieces. Break some long noodles into about thirds. Thread the noodles through the hot dog pieces like so:

Then throw the hot dog and noodles into boiling water for around 8 minutes or so:

When they are done you can serve your kids hot dog spiders for dinner!

You can cook up extra noodles and add either pasta sauce or cheese to complete your spider meal.

My kids thought these were great fun, although there was some debate about whether they were spiders or octopi. They ate them happily and have already asked to have them again.

Good Mommy will be back soon with more hot dog spiders. Because that is what Good Mommies do.


  1. Keep sharing what Good Mommies do. I need lessons! :)

  2. Those are so neat. My kids will love them.