Saturday, April 18, 2009

The apple doesn't fall far....

My son has officially been brainwashed. He has come over to the dark side. He may never go back. I realized today that I have left a psychological mark on him that may never be removed.

You are wondering what I have done to the poor boy, right? Let me explain:

Today I was on my laptop in the kitchen while StinkyMan played on the desktop. He wandered into the kitchen and said "Mommy, can I have some paper?"

Now one thing that drives me crazy about and and is that they encourage the kids to print EVERYTHING! It's nuts, a waste of paper and ink and I feel guilty about the trees.

So I said "For what?" thinking that as soon as he told me he wanted to print the latest online picture I'd say no, which he knows and generally accepts, and that would be that.

"For a coupon?" he said, with a funny look on his face.

Inwardly I laugh, because how cute is that? He knows Mommy never says no to a coupon, so telling me he's going to print one is a surefire way to get that paper he wants.

"A coupon?" I said, "Weeeeellllll, OK, then" and I gave him the paper. He runs back to the desktop, I go back to the laptop and thinking about how clever my son is, to work his mama that way.

Not two minutes later he's standing next to me saying "Here's your coupon Mommy!"

And I'll be damned if the kid didn't hand me a coupon for $1 off Honey Nut Cheerios that he'd printed off the internet.

Welcome to the dark side of bargain hunting Little Boy. We have (discounted) cookies. I think you'll like it here.

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