Wednesday, April 8, 2009

so cute

So Peanut has this weird penchant for sitting on BabyGirl. We don't know why or what the attraction is, but she sits on her lower back like she is riding a horse. Husband has commented that maybe we should get a riding mower for her and let her out in the yard.

Because she only weighs 5 pounds more than BabyGirl (That's right. My 2 year old weighs only 5 pounds more than my 7 month old...that's why she's called Peanut) it doesn't hurt the baby, but she sure doesn't like it much. And we don't either. And apparently neither does StinkyMan because today I heard this:

"No Peanut! Don't sit on BabyGirl. You will squash her and I will be sad because she is special to us."

Admit it. That's the cutest darn thing you've heard all week.


  1. Like this??? LOL

    I don't know what the attraction is. Logan loves to do that to Ali too. But he is twice her size, so we have to make sure he's very careful.

  2. That is the sweetest thing ever! Did you add that to his book? I have a book strictly for funny things that Brandon has said. Love looking back on it and reading.