Monday, April 20, 2009

The logic of a 4 year old...

...isn't very logical.

The big kids have a few responsibilities in the house. Tidy their rooms, put away their clothes, set the table, clear the table. But for them the big one is emptying the dishwasher. I take out all the sharp knives and the rest is up to them. What they can't reach to put away must be placed on the counter in front of the cabinet in which it belongs.

You would think this would be a fairly easy task. After all, the dishwasher has a top rack and a bottom rack, I have two children to do the job. Easy Peasy.

WRONG! They argue all the time about who is going to do the top and who is going to to the bottom. Today Curly swooped in to do her share before I even asked and of course did the coveted top rack. StinkyMan was outraged. How dare she! HE wanted to do the top. He yelled. He pouted. He refused to do his share. He could not have stuck that lower lip out any further if he tried.

Then he hit upon his version of the ideal solution.

Out of the corner of my eye I watched him as he took all the bowls and cups his sister had left out and put them all back in the dishwasher one at a time. When he was finished he announced defiantly "I'M doing the TOP!" and proceeded to re-unload all the things out of the top rack and back onto the counter in front of their appropriate cabinets.

He was very happy with his solution, so I let him win this one. Next time, it won't fly.

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