Monday, March 2, 2009

Deal alert!

Last night I was reading a book to StinkyMan and he was stopping me to tell me all about the commas, exclamation points, question marks and periods. He identified the words "no" and "Max" and showed me that if you flip an "i" upside down it looks like an exclamation mark.

He goes to a good school, but it's not that good! I give all the credit to the good people at LeapFrog.

You know the LeapFrog people. Inventors of Tad the Talking Frog for babies, the Leapster, Fridge Phonics, the Tag Reader and much more. But what you may not know is that they also have a series of DVDs and they are fabulous. StinkyMan and Curly both learned all their letter and letter sounds this way. (I helped! I'm not a total slacker!) There is one all about letters, one about how to put those letters into words, a second one about words, one about basic number and math skills, and one about words becoming stories or learning to read.

My kids are mesmerized by these DVDs. Normally it freaks me out when they stare at the TV in a nearly zombie like trance, but not when they watch these. They have learned so much from them, as was obvious last night during story time.

So go here:

Put all 5 videos in your shopping cart. The amount should be $41.54. Entering code 22476 should take $10 off and shipping is FREE! So $31.54 for 5 DVDs that are normally $10 each. Great deal for your wallet, your kids' brains and your sanity on a rainy day or when you need 30 minutes of peace and you don't want Dora the Explorer shouting at you from the TV. Check it out. I cannot recommend these enough.

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